UND DIE WEIßE ZELLE SCHWEBT WEITER ..., 2005 (And the white cube keeps on floating...)
Room installation with sound in the technical installation room of Hamburger Kunsthalle
wood, color, neon lamps, rubber mat, subwoofer, frequency generator
„Rückkehr ins All“, Kunsthalle Hamburg

The technical installation room of the museum is used as the machine room setting for a constructed white cube that can be compared to an extension of the museum on a space station. The cubic museum architecture of Oswald Mathias Unger is referenced through a remake of the original museum lamps. Through simple interventions in the room - the neon lamps, a built in groove, the rubber carpet and two doors - the whole space is changing and it is hard to find out what is real and what is built-in-construction. One door is turned 90 degrees and optically gravity in this white cube in space is turned upside down. In addition the floor is vibrating through subwoofer speakers hidden under the groove and a frequency generator that produces a 40 Hz wave. The spectator finds himself in this vibrating space station reminding of Kubricks "2001 - Space Odyssey" that seems to float away.

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