SPACE IS THE PLACE. 2004 (Public space is actually also a fiction)
Video and sound installation together with Lenz Schuster
Galerie der Künstler/ BBK München and Columbus Art Foundation, Ravensburg

The circular video animation which is projected into a dome of the museum room simulates a planetarium presentation. The spectator can lie on the floor on a carpet and watch the video. The main image is a circular urban landscape, a collage out of different photographs from different European and American cities and peripheral landscapes. In the centre of the projection an animated night sky is slowly rotating. The second part of the video projects quotes form the United Nations outer space and moon treaty and at the same time you hear spoken quotes from politicians and businessmen who talk about space marketing. The whole video has an underlying atmospheric dolby surround sound that we consider as typical space sound as it is used in lots of science fiction movies. The spoken quotes are excerpts of my research about public outer space, thus the animation is directly connected to my site research and handbook "Space is a place".