Karaoke-Video with Women Choir-Backing
together with Barbara te Kock and Philine Velhagen
duration: 2 min 40 sec
„girls, girls, girls“, Galerie Steinle, Munich

A choir consisting out of female amateur singers is trying to interpret the militant women‘s rights song „Sister Suffragette“. Originally it was used in Walt Disney‘s „Mary Poppins“ in which Mrs. Banks, the mother, is shown as a militant suffragette. 90 years after, the right to vote as well as the other ideals for which the suffragettes fought the song represents exactly the ambivalence between sounding a little bit old-fashioned and having still the exciting rhythm and melody of a protest song that invites to sing along. In the video the choir is singing in front of an audience space with empty red chairs. The text of the song is running like a karaoke-video over the moving camera images. For the presentation in the gallery space a microphone is placed in front of the screen and the visitor‘s singing adds to the choir in the video.
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