light and audio installation
3 channel light organ, light bulbs, megaphone loudspeaker, steal
song selection through the senior residents of Sozialbetriebe Köln
text editing and sound mix: Beate Engl, Tim Wolff
duration: 16 min 22 s
in the framework of the exhibition „Wunschkonzert im Klubkiosk“
together with Brigitte Dunkel

Inspired by Gustav Klucis‘ sketches for radio orators from the 1920s the „Potpourri“-sculpture is placed on the roof of a small kiosk building, a former weighing machine building. The sculpture consists out of two big megaphone speakers and a blinking light circle. During the opening times a „Potpourri“ of the favourite songs of the residents of SBK (a social institution for senior citizens), which were collected beforehand, can be heard loudly out of the speakers. The songs were mixed and edited flollowing text content and melody and form a storyline including daily life, memory, death, illness and longing. The sound invites the residents to listen or dance. At night the sound is silent and only the lights of the light organ continue blinking ceaselessly in the rhythm of the music - a blinking light circle in the darkness.

>Script of the song text from the mix "Riehler Lieblingslieder"
Beate Engl
Beate Engl