interactive light sculpture in the church St. Matthäus Munich
Halogenspots, color filter, ventilating tubes, metal, organ keyboard, wood, switches, springs, cable,
midi-interface, piano chair
300 x 280 x 100 cm, organ: 120 x 90 x 40 cm

For the church St. Matthäus a light organ is built as a functional instrument that can be used by the visitor. The light organ has two functions: It can be played manually and it can be connected to a midi-device such as the electronic organ in the church.
If the keyboard is played colored light is projected on the ceiling.
The historical reference instrument for this work was Alexander Skrjabin‘s light organ that was used for his „Poem of Fire“ 1910.

Photos: Leonie Felle
Beate Engl
Beate Engl