audio-sculpture, produced for the monastery of the Historical Museum Regensburg
6 golden reflex horn speakers, stainless steel, acrylic glass, mp3-player, amplifier, motion detector, recordings of speeches by American presidents,
Height: 2,5 m, diameter: ca. 60 cm, duration: 13 min

Six reflex horn speaker are building together with the motion detector a circular, ornamental sculpture. The audio file that can be heard is cut together from speeches by American presidents from Roosevelt to Obama, quoting only those parts where god and religion is mentioned and instrumentalized for political purposes. The script becomes a sermon, reaching from the presidential action as a god-given duty to „one nation under god“, to praying and blessing. The sermon is interrupted by Hugo Chavez’ comment, who envisions the devil of imperialism behind the religious mask. The audio sculpture was presented in the cloister of a monastery.

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