GROSSE BÄRENJAGD, 2005 (Hunting of the Great Bear)
Audio-installation as part of the interventions "Private audience" by: Anja Casser, Beate Engl, Wolfgang Stehle & Wolfgang Ullrich during the exhibition "Schatzhäuser Deutschlands", Haus der Kunst Munich

Interviews with different exhibition visitors, spoken texts, 4 CD players, 4 speakers, 4 floor contact mats, carpet,
Rembrandt painting: "Diana with Aktaeon and Kallisto" (1634, Oil on canvas, 168 x 93,5 cm, owner: Prince of Salm-Salm, Museum Wasserburg Anholt).
Speaker: Imke Boesch, soundmix: Lenz Schuster

During one week the exhibition "Schatzhäuser Deutschlands" is expanded through four private audiences by two artists and two art theorists. They introduce their personal approach towards the exhibits and the concept of the exhibition to the museum visitors. Through critical interventions they highlight the topic nobility and art from different perspectives and offer the visitor a different perception and new thoughts about the exhibition. The presentation of the precious objects is very pure. But the observers fantasies mostly expand the perception to imaginary castles and ornate halls. This is exactly the interest of Beate Engl: She is asking observers about their imagination of the original spatial context in which the Rembrandt painting "Diana with Aktaeon and Kallisto" is placed and which impact such a property would have on their life. She presents a sound collage of the answers together with two spoken texts that imitate art historical interpretations of the painting. As a kind of acoustic appropriation of space the spectator is activating the sound piece in front of the painting through hidden floor contacts.

Beate Engl

CD 1: Kallisto and Aktaeon - interpretation of the painting: Mythological conflicts of the observer of private property
>audio excerpt as MP3 (German version only, 1,2 MB)

CD 2: What would you do if you would own the Rembrandt painting?
Sound collage from the interviews about private property and burden
>audio excerpt as MP3 (German version only, 1,4 MB)

CD 3: How do you imagine the private room in which the painting is placed?
Sound collage from the interviews about the imagination of private property and its accessibility
>audio excerpt as MP3 (German version only, 1,4 MB)

CD 4: Scenario / location the representative space: The painting as museum
>audio excerpt as MP3 (German version only, 2 MB)