AGITATOR 2.0, 2014
Light-audio-sculpture with manual sound control and projection;
text on punched strip reads: 'Die Realität unseres Programms sind die lebenden Menschen' (The reality of our program is living people) and is sourced from a poster by Gustav Klucis

120 x 90 x 240 cm
Wood, plexiglass, punched plastic strap, aluminium, stainless steel,
overhead projector, metal tripod, music box

Beate Engl
Beate Engl
Following the radio-orators by the Latvian artist Gustav Klutsis from the 1920s, who combined loudspeakers with text slogans on a stand, Engl has designed a new, transportable agit-prop object, which links the function of the political speech with the nostalgia of a music box. With a device composed of an overhead projector and a music box mechanism, a hole-punched text is projected into the space and played by the music box. The text refers on the one hand to the machine itself and on the other to a Socialist propaganda motto from a billboard by Gustav Klutsis.